Ken Conner brings over forty years of experience in healthcare finance with a base in reimbursement and managed care, 12 years as CFO of a tertiary medical center and 20 years as the healthcare practice leader in a regional CPA firm. Ken’s clients and work rely on the experience and knowledge. Often a project starts with a call saying, “How you ever seen?” or “We need some help getting a project or transaction to completion.”

CHG’s role can vary by project depending on the need and the composition of the team

  • For attorneys – input, observation and analysis with a financial point of view to facilitate satisfactory resolution of issues and negotiations
  • For CFOs, CEOs and Strategic Leadership – an extra resource for a challenging or unique project to assist in decision-making and execution
  • For the Healthcare entity – filling a void in the financial area and providing independent points of view and options
  • For those projects that don’t fit – applying experience and knowledge for finding a solution

The key to our success with clients is based on –

  • Defining our role in the engagement; support, analysis or leadership
  • Gathering information for a full understanding of the needs and challenges
  • Sharing reasonable options and practical solutions
  • Communicating to internal and external parties so they everyone understands the issue, objective and expected results
  • Facilitate implementation of recommendations, if required