After 40 years of experience in healthcare finance including 12 years as CFO of a tertiary medical center and 20 years as the healthcare practice leader in a regional CPA firm, Ken started Conner Healthcare Group (CHG) in 2017. Ken’s clients and work rely on the experience and knowledge and often a project starts with a call saying, “How you ever seen?” or “We need some help getting a project or transaction to completion.”

Since starting, engagements have included work on a Certificate of Public Advantage (COPA) for the State of Tennessee, the sale of four radiation oncology centers, financial models support Certificates of Needs, review of accounts receivable values post transaction, support in settlement of qui tam through an inability to pay analysis, financial forecast used in a hospital acquisition, expert testimony in a post transaction dispute and pricing of services in a joint venture.

CHG’s role can vary by project depending on the need and the composition of the team

  • For attorneys – input, observation and analysis with a financial point of view to facilitate satisfactory resolution of issues and negotiations
  • For CFOs, CEOs and Strategic Leadership – an extra resource for a challenging or unique project to assist in decision-making and execution
  • For the Healthcare entity – filling a void in the financial area and providing independent points of view and options
  • For those needing independent analysis, such as a State Attorney General, regulator, local foundation, CHG brings a fresh experienced review of issues.
  • For those projects that don’t fit neatly in a box – applying experience and knowledge for finding a solution

The key to our success with clients is based on –

  • Defining our role in the engagement; support, analysis or leadership
  • Gathering information for a full understanding of the needs and challenges
  • Sharing reasonable options and practical solutions
  • Communicating to internal and external parties so they everyone understands the issue, objective and expected results
  • Facilitate implementation of recommendations, if required