Ken Conner is a member of the American Health Lawyers Association Arbitration Panel. Ken only participates in three person panels and seeks to provide insight to the accounting and financial issues surrounding transactions, valuation, payment and other complex financial healthcare issues.

Healthcare arbitration and mediation is challenging given the complexity of accounting, transactions, payment disputes and valuations. As a non-attorney panel member, Ken works with other members of the panel to evaluate issues, understand the facts and circumstances  and quantify alternatives.

Ken was first drawn to participate in arbitration when asked to serve as the third member of panel involving a post transaction claims and counterclaims following a large hospital merger. Later, he observed the benefit of an experienced healthcare finance arbitrator during an audit client arbitration where he was available as a fact witness. He has served as an expert in arbitration, mediation and administrative hearings, each time recognizing the need to break down the complexity of healthcare issues, not only for the neutrals but so that the opposing party might fully evaluate their positions and settlement options.

Ken does not currently serve as a mediator but is available to assist mediators or other neutrals in objectively assisting parties in the resolution of complex healthcare issues.