In providing services to our clients, our role can vary based on the needs of the organization and depth of the client team. Our role may be as an adviser, manager or coordinator working with the C-suite of large organizations needing short term support or with smaller organizations needing someone to drive the process or analyze the issue. In some cases, we are engaged by an outside law firm as they conduct their review of a matter.

  • Transaction Services –  Transaction support focuses coordinating with client transaction leaders and attorneys to address issues and challenges that slow or prevent a transaction from closing.
    • Managing the financial, operational and complex issues of a transaction in collaboration with transaction counsel.
    • While we do not provide valuation services, we actively work with valuation firms to help them understand the underlying value of an entity, including normalized earnings and unique market positions.
    • Preparing for a transaction by performing seller’s due diligence ahead of any formal buyer due diligence.
  • Litigation Support – Consulting or testifying expert work related to litigation and administrative proceedings specific to healthcare issues and post transaction issues.
  • Arbitration – Ken is qualified as an arbitrator with American Health Lawyers’ Dispute Resolution Services. Ken’s practice as an arbitrator is generally, limited  to three person panels where his experience in healthcare operations and accounting related matters can assist in a well reasoned decision. Disputes include issues related to generally accepted accounting principles, accounting estimates, transaction related issues, contract, including but not limited to management services and managed care pricing or related contract issues.
  • Revenue Recognition – The biggest challenge in any healthcare entity is confirming proper revenue recognition, whether part of a transaction and related due diligence, part of a dispute or as an integral part of any of our services. CHG can provide review and analysis of accounts receivable valuation and revenue recognition.
  • Healthcare Regulatory Support – CHG is typically engaged by legal counsel to assist in compliance matters with financial assessments, reimbursement calculations and settlement discussions.  A regulatory engagement could also include participating in a monitorship, involving a transaction or compliance agreement.
  • Financial Forecast – CHG assists in the preparation of financial analysis for projects, transactions, submission to regulatory bodies and Certificate of Need.
  • Governmental settlements – Work in this area includes assistance in analyzing potential liability.  It could also include preparation of  an inability to pay submission, where it is important to not only properly share the current financial position of the company but to communicate through counsel proper context on the company’s financial situation and its financial future.